Calliope Musicals (Photo by Sarah Bork Hamilton)


2016-2017 Winner of Austin Band of the Year

With their energetic live performances, it’s no surprise Austin psychedelic-folk-pop dance party band Calliope Musicals won 2016-2017 Austin Band of the Year. Be on the lookout for an upcoming album release and an exciting 2018 tour to follow!


What’s the best part of winning an AMA?

We tour around quite a bit, and no matter where we go, people are always excited about our “Band of the Year” Award. It has definitely helped to build excitement, and was super encouraging to know we have hometown support.


Funny backstage moment?

Confetti Cat trying to hide a confetti cannon up his coat sleeve before we accepted our award was pretty funny. Our beautiful, lemon Jesus also found love in the hallway behind the stage.


What project/s are you currently working on?

We’re currently recording a brand new album with Frenchie Smith that we are insanely excited about and building some pretty cool tour plans for 2018.


Who are your local musical influences?

Berb Schnerder and Spern and Sherker Gerves and Gherstlernd Erbserverterer. Sorry we’re berked!!!


At the moment, what’s your favorite song by another local artist?

“How a Tree Grows” by Zettajoule and “Nonmonogamy” by Mamalarky


On the record but off topic – what’s your favorite taco in Austin?

Cheesy Gordita Crunch


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