White Ghost Shivers

White Ghost Shivers (Photo by Sarah Bork Hamilton)


2016-2017 Winner of Best “None of the Above”

It makes perfect sense White Ghost Shivers was the 2016-2017 Winner of Best “None of the Above” at the Austin Music Awards – and that they’re up for it again this year. Pulling musical inspiration from cabaret, jazz, vaudeville, hokum, western swing, hillbilly, jug band and ragtime, White Ghost Shivers is truly and eclectic American band…and Austin institution.

What’s the best part of winning an AMA?

Being able to hang with other Austin musicians is just great. It just doesn’t happen as much as people think, because we’re all working at the same time! You really feel like you’re part of a greater scene.

Who do you want to see perform at the AMAs?

I always enjoy seeing the sort of Austin all-star band performances that have happened throughout the years. That and Redd Volkaert.

What project/s are you currently working on?

Right now, along with the bands I’ve been in for 20 years, White Ghost Shivers, and Them Duqaines, I’ve been working on The Saddle Sores, and The Jerrells. The Saddle Sores are some of the WGS folks, doing Country and Western Swing. The Jerrells seems to be my solo project, to an extent, and we’re all over the map, from Swing to Country to Jump Blues.

Cella has been singing with the Squirrel Nut Zippers since the Spring, and Curtis and Mike both play in Clyde and Clem’s Whiskey Business. Lyon plays with a bunch of different folks, but you can find him every Wednesday at The White Horse with the Rock Step Relevators, doing Hot Jazz and Swing.

Who are your local musical influences?

I find myself easily influenced here in Austin, because there are simply so many fantastic musicians. I mean, world class players. As a picker, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Redd Volkaert, Dave Biller and Tjarko Jean.

On the record but off topic – what’s your favorite taco in Austin?

Hands down, BOMB TACOS at The White Horse.

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