“I realize that really is a thing, to stand kind of in the gap between education and the music community.” Fortunately for us, Bavu Blakes, part time scholar, part time rapper, has made Austin the location of that gap. Since the mid 1990s, Blakes has successfully mixed the worlds of music-making and music-sharing to great benefit for the city: bringing hip hop to sixth street with the three-year spanning “Hip Hop Humpday” at the Mercury Lounge was the first of his successful experiments. Since then he’s performed at ACL and released an EP, “Sanct” in Los Angeles. He started a blog entitled “Hip Hop Grew Up” with fellow Austin artist, EasyLee. His latest project takes place not on stage but in the classroom, where he is “reclaiming the energy of the urban art form to empower youth.” Concern for hip hop’s future as a relevant cultural expression to enlighten and incite change is at the heart of Blakes’ entire career, and his presence at the Austin Music Awards on February 28 only reminds us that, in Austin, there’s more learning to be done. For a more comprehensive rundown on Bavu’s career, check out this Statesman article from 2016:

Don’t miss Bavu at the Austin Music Awards on February 28 at the Moody Theater:  


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