Oliver Steck (Photo by David Brendan Hall)


A look back at 2016-2017 Winner of Best Keyboard Player

Oliver Steck, the 2016-2017 Winner of Best Keyboard Player, chats with us about all things local: the AMAs, local music and tacos.


What’s the best part of winning an AMA?

Hiding from all the keyboard players who can play circles around me.

What do you wish for the Austin music scene?

I wish it could more than survive, that it could thrive. I wish that “Live Music Capitol of the World” was more than a slogan used by developers and hypesters to entice a sale while undermining the ability of the music to play. I wish it was affordable for musicians to live here, venues had a greater ease (or support) in simply being a music venue, and the city was able to see and better appreciate the jewels that made Austin rich, before the musicians have to leave, the venues turn into canned pick up joints, and Barton Springs becomes too polluted to swim in.

Who are your local musical influences?

Jon Emery, Slaid Cleaves, The Killa Dilla

At the moment, what’s your favorite song by another local artist?

“All This Talk of Dreaming is Fine and Sweet …” By Lex Land

On the record but off topic – what’s your favorite taco in Austin?

El Tacorrido


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