Worm Suicide (Photo by David Brendan Hall)


A look back at 2016-2017 Co-Winner of Best Punk Band

Worm Suicide, the 2016-2017 Co-Winner of Best Punk Band, gets real with us about the Austin Music Awards, wrestling, and the local Austin scene.


What’s the best part of winning an AMA?

Being able to turn the award into a wrestling belt and share it with our fans and friends at every show.

Funny backstage moment?

The handlers kept telling us to hush as we waited near the stage but we were trying to get Mark Henry to wrestle our bass player Bobby. He said we’d have to pay for that.

Who do you want to see perform at the AMAs?

I want to see us, Worm Suicide, perform on stage. Bring some rawness back to the awards.

What do you wish for the Austin music scene?

I wish that it continues to thrive. I wish that the clubs would also do better about putting more locals with touring acts. 

What project/s are you currently working on?

Working on the Bribary EP…an EP of new songs you can only get for voting for us on this year’s award…

Who are your local musical influences?

Flatlanders and WC Clark are rad…maybe not influential to our music but still amazing. Skatenigs are definitely local heroes we have followed for 20 plus years.

At the moment, what’s your favorite song by another local artist?

“Radass” by Gnarly Sacs

On the record but off topic – what’s your favorite taco in Austin?



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